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Will you be blogging from Computers in Libraries 2012?

Register your Blog

Register your Blog

If you plan to blog from the conference, please let us know so we can add you to our list of bloggers.  We have a simple form here at LibConf to let you do just that.

Bloggers who add themselves to the registry can also include their Twitter name so interested folks can follow along with the you that way too.

If you are both blogging and speaking, please be sure to include your session ID’s as well.  If you are not sure of your session numbers, they can be found on your speaker profile page via the Computers in Libraries speaker directory.

You can follow our official Twitter account through @LibConf.

Follow the Bloggers at #CIL11 by RSS

OPML IconIf you would like to follow the excellent blogging efforts put forth by attendees and speakers at this year’s Computers in Libraries conference next week you can do that by downloading an OPML file of their feeds and import it into Google Reader or any other OPML compatible RSS reader.  The file is available for download here at or if you prefer, it is also available zipped at

Blogging at #CIL11?

Bloggers @ #CIL11

If you plan to blog from Computers in Libraries 2011 this March please let us know.  We have an easy signup form online so you can let us know and we can help spread the word to your fellow attendees as well as to the other folks following the conference from home.  

If you add your blog we will include you on the list, along with a QR code to make it easier for mobile surfers to find you, and your RSS feed will show up in the Bloggers at Computers in Libraries OPML feed here (XML).

In addition to the listing, we will feature your latests posts on the Recent Posts by Bloggers@CIL11 page here on To stay on top of news and information about the event. be sure to follow @itishows on Twitter.

ITI’s The Conference Circuit goes Digital

Beginning with coverage of SLA2010, Don Hawkins has helped guide the the long running Information Today feature,  “The Conference Circuit“,  into the realm of  real-time, digital publishing.  Don Hawkins, the author of the feature and the man in charge of maintaining the Information Today Conference Calendar, will be using this new blog to post real-time information from the many conferences he attends each year.

The Conference Circuit

The Conference Circuit

Don has been a long time contributor to this site, both when it was and since its rebith as Don has a long history of conference blogging (you can read his coverage of SLA 2004 online).

His new blog will eliminate the space constraints that Don had to cope with while working on the print only edition of The Conference Circuit.  The digital elbow room and the real-time connection to readers will enable Don to provide much richer coverage of the events he attends.

Read Don’s new blog at The Conference Circuit and stay on top of events at SLA2010 in New Orleans.