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Service is not Technology

Despite the growing use of technology to connect to clients it is very important to keep in mind that they are tools to help you maintain and grow a relationship with your customers/clients/stakeholders and are not an end in themselves.  Whether a library or a business enterprise, its all about the patron.

A wealth of information tools suggests the use of technology for customer relations. Ironically, customer service is about relationships not technology. Unfortunately relationships cannot be augmented with software and Internet tools. Nothing takes the place of direct contact and human interaction; our ancestral history is based on this. Further, communication is the single largest issue in customer service and it must be done without technology. So what then are the best methods for retaining clients without technology? They are simply people, procedures and property.

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Kudos to the Crystal City Hyatt

Thanks for looking after us!

Thanks for looking after us!

Yesterday, one of our CIL conference attendees had to leave a workshop suddenly due to a medical emergency.  The Crystal City Hyatt staff helped get an ambulance for her, gave her a taxi coupon for when she was ready to come back, and later in the day when hotel security staff saw her, said they were glad to see she was doing better and told her that if she was hungry, food was on the house.  Amazing service.  What a great hotel!  Thank you for looking after not only this attendee, but all of our attendees.

Jane Dysart, Conference Program Chair