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Internet Librarian International Registration Now Open

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Registration for London’s Internet Librarian International (ILI) opened last month. Some generous discounts are available to be grabbed – up to 40% – and the early bird expires next month. Always relevant, this lively European conference explores library and info pro superpowers this October, with the following six conference tracks drilling down into the incredible range of roles, skills and initiatives we carry out every day:

  • THE NEW LIBRARY, THE NEW LIBRARIAN – exploring some of the strategies, structures, teams, skills, services and collaborations librarians are using to ensure they stay at the cutting edge.
  • USERS, UX AND USAGE – understanding how libraries are working with users to redesign services, spaces and to understand usage.
  • CONTENT CREATIVITY – investigating how creative libraries are creating, curating and marketing digital collections, how librarians are publishers in their own right and how they are driving collaborative content creation.
  • FIGHT THE FAKE, FIND THE FACTS – celebrating two of the librarian’s super powers – advanced search techniques and nurturing information integrity – in a post-truth/multi-truth era.
  • MARKETING THE LIBRARY – sharing stories of librarians who are influencing use and expanding audiences for their services and collections from the DJ librarian to the digital storyteller.
  • NEW SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATIONS – exploring why the scholarly communications landscape is changing, and what this means for libraries and information professionals.

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Caroline Milner
Information Today Ltd.

Veterans Day Video from the NPRC

Every day at the National Archives, we fulfill veterans’ requests for copies of their military records that document their service to our country. The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, MO is an office of the National Archives, which has over 80 million permanent records and receives over 5,000 requests for military records every day.

In celebration of Veterans Day, we created a video that helps explain the process of applying for military records. Watch the video to learn more about this important service we offer to veterans and their families.

via AOTUS: Collector in Chief blog by @dferriero.

The Power of Twitter!

A conference program planners dream!

Yesterday one of today’s CIO keynote panel had to drop out of the Internet Librarian 2010 program. Many conference programmers would run screaming to the bar, but this calm program developer went to Twitter via @jdysart and announced that she had lost a speaker and were there any public library CIOs out there who might be willing to fill in.

I got an answer from a first time attendee at Internet Librarian, Jim Peterson, who said he was a Technology Coordinator (not a CIO, and the only member of the IT staff) for a public library in Franklin, KY. He agreed to meet me at the Information Today booth during last evenings reception and we had a great conversation. He was hired as our new panelist on the spot.

Hopefully you all got to hear how articulate and on point he was this morning. Such a good fit with Mike Ridley, CIO & Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph and Donna Scheeder, Deputy CIO, Congressional Research Service.

They did a terrific job!

Tonight at Internet Librarian – Rip Van Winkle’s Libraries in 2510

Where are libraries going, not just in 3-5 years, but in 500 years? Join our visionary panel; hear their insights then stretch your imagination to see if you can predict what info pros will be doing in 500 years, what new and exciting tools we’ll be using, programs and services we’ll be pursuing, relationships we’ll be building, and lots more.

Save time tonight — Tuesday October 26th — from 7:30 to 9:30pm to attend this event in the Conference Center.


  • Ernie Ingles, Vice-Provost & Chief Librarian, University of Alberta
  • Erik Boekesteijn, Concept Developer and Projectmanager, Science and Innovationdepartment, Delft Public Library ShanachieTour
  • Jaap Van de Geer, Delft Public Library (The Netherlands)
  • Stephen Abram, VP, Strategic Partnerships and Markets, Gale Cengage Learning

Watch the video that inspired this event.

Ernie Ingles talks about the future of libraries.