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Real-Time Conference Tips on Foursquare

IL on Foursquare

Even if you have not embraced location based social media tools like  Foursquare and Gowalla you can still benefit from those who have.  Check out Internet Librarian on Foursquare for tips and suggestions from your fellow attendees.

You do not need a location enabled device or a Foursquare account to read tips like:

  • Sarah H: Get inspired by talking to one person you don’t know every day you’re here.
  • Polly F: Attend a session on a something that doesn’t seem quite related to your work and see what new connections you might make.
  • Rachel V: Get to the keynote presentations early so you can snag a spot at a table and get power for your laptop.

If you are a Foursquare member, please add any tips and suggestions of your own to the list at Foursquare.

Ready to Play Games at Internet Librarian 2010?

QR Codes at Internet librarian!

IL2010 Mobile Program

Use this exciting mobile technology to discover prizes in a fun on site game. Take this opportunity to learn about an emerging technology while competing with fellow librarians to show them who really is the most innovative. On Sunday Oct 24th get more details about the competition at the conference information desk in Monterey, at the Games & Gadgets Evening, or online here at the conference blog. Be a technology leader and uncover the mystery to score a prize. Download a QR Code Scanner app for your smart phone so you are ready to play. We recommend: QuickMark or BeeTagg.

Location Based Activities & Prizes!

Check in and win at Internet Librarian with fun Foursquare games. Download the Foursquare app for your smart phone and become mayor of the conference venue and win a prize even more valuable than bragging rights. Not everyone can become mayor, so be an active engager of this emerging mobile tech by checking in at the conference multiple times and you too can claim a prize deserved of such a trend setter. If you need advice, join the gang at the Games & Gadgets evening program on Sunday Oct 24th. And don’t forget to use Foursquare at Internet Librarian to see where colleagues are hanging out, think parties and karaoke!

Prizes for:

  • 1 big for the Foursquare Mayor of the conference [Did I hear iPod shuffle?? SShhhhh, don’t tell]
  • 1 big for the Foursquare Mayor of the exhibit hall
  • 5 small for the Foursquare heavy user runner ups
  • 2 big for the first winners of the QR scavenger hunt
  • 5 small for next five winners of the QR scavenger hunt

The Mayors of CIL2010

Thanks to Joe Murphy for getting us started on location based social networking.  Lots of CIL attendees are having fun checking in at the Conference Venues as well as various restaurants around the area through foursqure and Gowalla on their geolocation enabled mobile devices.

We have mayors in many venues, but as of right now – Wednesday April 14, 2010 at 10:45am:

  • Jill Hurst-Wahl is mayor of the CIL Ballroom Lobby and CIL Keynote
  • Bobbi Newman is mayor of the CIL Conference and has been there since day one.  Nobody has been able to unseat her yet.
  • Nicole C. Engard is mayor of Cinnabar; the Hyatt’s second floor restaurant.
  • I – Jane Dysart – am mayor of the CyberTours
  • JP Porcoro is currently of the mayor of the Exhibit Hall.  If JP lasts as mayor until 1:15pm today he will win a prize from Information Today, Inc.

The announcement of the winner will be in the exhibit hall at 1:15pm.  The prize will be mailed to the winner.