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May 10-16 is Nebraska Library Snapshot Week

This is an awesome idea that will produce a wealth of material documenting the roles and values of Nebraska’s libraries. What I really like about the concept is how its based on free resources like a Flickr group so it could be duplicated anywhere without an outlay of cash or major involvement from an IT department.

Does anyone know if the Philadelphia Free Library system has ever tried something like this?

From May 10 to May 16, 2010, librarians across Nebraska will be documenting the activities that take place in their libraries. Join them by collecting statistics, comments and photographs to provide proof of the invaluable services that Nebraska libraries provide to their communities.

via Nebraska Library Snapshot Week.
See Michael Sauers’ first submission

AOTUS on LOC Tweet Archive

David Ferrerio talks with (L) Jane Dysart and (R) Donna Scheeder

Computers in Libraries 2010 Keynote speaker, AOTUS David Ferriero posted in his blog on why the National Archives did not also acquire the Twitter archive.

Have you heard the news? This week, the Library of Congress announced that they are acquiring the digital archive of public tweets. On April 14, @librarycongress tweeted, “Library to acquire ENTIRE Twitter archives — All public tweets, ever, since March 2006!” Congratulations, Library of Congress.

via AOTUS: Collector in Chief » Tweets: What We Might Learn From Mundane Details..

People@CIL2010 Map now Online

I overheard the end of one of the sessions that mentioned the Google Fusion Tables (I can’t remember who was speaking or I’d credit them here).  Thanks to Jason Clark for mentioning GoogleLab’s Fusion Tables in a session; that mention led to this map.



I decided to play with it using the CIL2010 Registration database sans identifying information.  Once I used to convert the City, State, Zip, Country table to geocoded columns it was a piece of cake to create a map of the people who helped make the 25th annual Computers in Libraries conference such a great event.  The map is now online at People@CIL2010.