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Justifying 2.0 Tools

100_2825-mdee-crp_512x6131ONLINE magazine editor Marydee Ojala packed ’em in to her talk called Evaluating, Recommending, & Justifying 2.0 Tools. Good thing her slides will be posted, because there was a ton of info. Here are a few phrases that really caught my attention:

  • “Is social media becoming more traditonal, or is traditional media becoming more social?” (Answer: A bit of both)
  • Decide what your problem is before you start looking at social tools. Find a tool that does what you need, rather than choosing a tool and looking for ways to use it.
  • Before starting to use any tool, do some research to determine how much chance there is that tool will survive and whether there’s tech support for it.
  • When trying to convince management to adopt a 2.0 tool, make sure it’s one that aligns with your org’s goals, and then build a case based on outcomes.
  • Know who your stakeholders are & understand that they have different world views.
  • Be prepared with counter-arguments for others who don’t see the value of social tools.
  • She echoed something I said in that same room yesterday: Get outside your comfort zone and engage other people!

~Kathy Dempsey, editor, Marketing Library Services newsletter