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Sublime Keynote

Coverage of Paul Holdengraber’s keynote at CIL 2009 was unbelievable.  He had so many wonderful phrases, insights, and inspirational messages.  Sadly, the archive of the UStream.TV broadcast is not playable.

Jane Dysart, Conference Program Chair

The Library Without Walls: Tuesday's Keynote


Without her customary podium, Jane Dysart, Conference Chair, introduces the Tuesday keynote sesson

Without her customary podium, Jane Dysart, Conference Chair, introduces the Tuesday keynote sesson

Erik and Paul

Erik and Paul

The “Dutch guys” from the Delft Public Library in the Netherlands, a.k.a. the guys from the Shanachie Tour, returned to CIL with another great program.  The initial interview on their first tour in 2006 was with Paul Holdengraber, Director of Public Programs at the New York Public Library (NYPL), and at CIL 2009, Paul and Erik Boekesteijn met again for the Tuesday keynote session, which thanks to fellow Shanachie tourer Jaap van de Geer was streamed live on the Internet.



Paul’s mission is to make the famous lions in front of the NYPL roar.  He also wonders how much he library weighs because he wants to infuse it with so much energy that it levitates!  Listening  to him  in person, it wasn’t too hard to imagine that if anybody can do that, Paul will.   The Director of NYPL asked Paul to “oxygenate the library”, and he is well along on the job!  He left an indyllic life in Santa Monica, CA and has become fascinated with the “friction of New York”.

Paul and Erik at their interview

Paul and Erik at their interview

Paul covered so much ground in this interview; how do you blog it?  All I can do here is to give you a sampling of quotes.  See Jane Dysart’s following post for a link to a video of  the entire interview (thanks, Jaap!).

  • “An editor is a mouse training to become a rat.”
  • “We have two ears and one  mouth, so listening is more important than speaking.”
  • “The important thing in anything is to begin.”
  • “I never ask for permission, only for forgiveness.”
  • “We have to change things and make this library irresistable.”
  • “I feel like  I’m being Twittered, and it’s a new source of pleasure.”
  • “I’m very interested in the afterlife of a conversation.  What happens to all of this?  How does it continue to have a life.  Blogging is a marvelous use of continuing conversations.  I deeply believe that the experience of being in a room together.”
  • “We need humor more than ever in these days.  I wake up energized and ready to confront the day.  I am supposed to symbolically take those 52 million books off the shelf and deeply desire  them.  I believe that libraries are places of desire.”
  • “All of us deeply believe in what we do and in communicating our experiences.  I cannot imagine a world without books.  Will we someday see Kindles laying around everywhere?”
  • “I am fascinated by how libraries might be able to make us focus in an age of utter distraction, where we use the Web in a way that makes  us focus on new discoveries.”
  • “In these days, the library is a place of opportunity.  It is also a haven.  I am in the job of hospitality, making people feel at home.  We have Facebooks,  but I’m interested in the face to face encounter.”
  • “We have home pages, I am  interested in our home.”
  • “Libraries have the one gift I would love to have–the gift of ubiquity.”

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and CIL 2009 Blog Coordinator

Live Streaming from CIL

You have to hand it to our Dutch friends, Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap Van de Geer.  Not only are they Information Today authors and speakers as well as Library Journal Movers & Shakers for 2009, but they continue to push the envelope.  This year, while Erik is interviewing Paul Hodergraber of the New York Public Library in CIL’s Tuesday morning keynote presentation [for more info see earlier post], Jaap will be live streaming the event.  So if you can’t be with us here in DC where the sun is shining and the cherry blossoms are in full splendor, check out the live feed of tomorrow’s keynote from your computer.  There is a link to the right of this post — under Links, click on CILLive. Enjoy and let us know how it works and how you like it.

Jane Dysart, CIL Conference Program Chair

CIL Program Rocks!

I am very excited about our upcoming CIL 2009 event in DC (well, Crystal City VA — close!)  The keynote speakers will bring lots of insights:

*Lee Rainie, Director, Pew Internet & American Life Project

*Erik Boekesteijn, Science & Innovation at DOK, Delft Public Library & one of the Shanachie‘s interviewing Paul Holdengraber, Director, Public Programs, New York Public Lbirary

*Michael Edson, Director, Web & New Media Strategy, Office of the CIO, Smithsonian Institution (not originally in the advance program so check out the details here) will be talking about Digital Strategies & Knowledge Commons

There are 5 streams of focused content on each of the three days of the conference, with lots of workshops on Sunday March 29th and Thursday April 2nd.  Many experienced practitioners and experts sharing their experiences and strategies.  If you haven’t already registered for the conference please do!

Jane Dysart, CIL 2009 Conference Chair