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Real-Time Conference Tips on Foursquare

IL on Foursquare

Even if you have not embraced location based social media tools like  Foursquare and Gowalla you can still benefit from those who have.  Check out Internet Librarian on Foursquare for tips and suggestions from your fellow attendees.

You do not need a location enabled device or a Foursquare account to read tips like:

  • Sarah H: Get inspired by talking to one person you don’t know every day you’re here.
  • Polly F: Attend a session on a something that doesn’t seem quite related to your work and see what new connections you might make.
  • Rachel V: Get to the keynote presentations early so you can snag a spot at a table and get power for your laptop.

If you are a Foursquare member, please add any tips and suggestions of your own to the list at Foursquare.

@LibrarianbyDay has Tips to Get the Most Out of IL

Bobbi Newman at Librarian by Day and @LibrarianbyDay on Twitter, has a great set of suggestions to help new and returnees get the most out of their time at Internet Librarian in Monterey, CA. She includes ten tips of her own as well as a collection gleaned from others and a useful set of links to others who have written about this topic.

Bobbi L. Newman

Internet Librarian begins on Saturday and where its your first conference or your 20th here there is something here for you.  Here are tips I’ve shared before and new ones learned the hard way. Below these I’ve also included a reading list with suggestions on networking and tips for introverts.

Read all about it at Tips and Suggestions to Get the Most Out of Internet Librarian.