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Twitter@#CIL2010 Wordle

Jane Dysart messaged me earlier on Twitter and bounced over the idea about using the #CIL2010 TwapperKeeper Notebook to create a Wordle.  I took one look at all the tags and abbreviations and realized that would be messy, but her idea sounded fun if we just used the Twitter ID’s of those who used the #CIL2010 hashtag.

This Wordle is made from  the Twitter ID’s of everyone who used the #CIL2010 tag 5 times or more whether they were in attendance or not (yea, I mean you Tom Bruno/@oodja).

Twitter@CIL2010 - Click for full size

Making Data Understandable with Visual Representation

Which way would you prefer looking at journal holdings or usage data?  A simple  list or spreadsheet: MonPM 012_600x450

or a network diagram like this,

 MonPM 014_600x570

which allows you to zoom in and see  highly ranked or heavily used resources, like  this?

MonPM 017_600x450

Will and Lisa Kurt from the University of Nevada, Reno showed how diagrams such as these dramatically illustrate the power of visualization and its usefulness in analyzing data. 

MonPM 009_300x273

And, with open source tools like GraphViz, it’s easy to generate these charts.

Fascinating–and very useful!

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today, and IL 2009 Blog  Coordinator