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Practical Website Improvement Face-Off

This month’s free article from Online Magazine is a recap and expansion of ideas first discussed during the Library Website Improvement Face-Off session at last fall’s Internet Librarian 2009 conference.   Darlene Fichter (University of Saskatchewan) and Jeff Wisniewski (University of Pittsburgh) have put together much the materials and conclusions produced by that session into a must-read primer for anyone looking at overhauling thier library’s website.

What are the top three things library webmasters can do to improve their websites?

Panelists at Internet Librarian 2009 were charged with answering this question in session A203, “Library Website Improvement Face-Off”, moderated by Darlene Fichter. The only rule was that the improvements had to be reasonably practical. Audience members acted as judges and voted for the best way to improve library websites.

Thinking bigger, panelists were also allowed to name one “fairy godmother” wish, free of any practical constraints whatsoever. Think “If I had unlimited time and an unlimited budget I’d …” The panelists didn’t know their colleagues’ suggestions in advance. The suggestions were great, so we wanted to share them with you. We’d also like to thank the esteemed panelists, Jeff Wisniewski, Aaron Schmidt, Amanda Etches-Johnson, and David Lee King, for their permission to publish their improvement tips here.

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CONTROL-SHIFT: Practical Website Improvement Face-Off.