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Regency Ballroom Wifi Update

There is no longer a password on the Regency Ballroom Wireless access points.  So many people were trying to access them during the keynote that it created the equivalent of a Denial of Service attack on the routers and made the network performance degrade for those already online.

Tomorrow they will be open and it will be a first come, first serve situation where the first couple hundred people on should be fine. If you can’t get on but MUST be online there is wifi and power in all the session rooms during the keynote where people have been watching the streaming version and blogging from there.


Information Today will be providing Wifi directly to CIL2010 attendees throughout the conference.  The Hyatt also provides access through a Hotspot labeled “tmobile” – the T-Mobile Hotspot is not connected to CIL and we will have no control over its capacity, speed, or capabilities.

The CIL2010 Wireless access is provided as a courtesy and we will do our best to make sure there is enough  capacity for everyone who needs it.  They are open access points and will not require any credentials to connect.

There are a few things that you, as attendees, can do to make the Internet access situation at CIL2010 better for everyone.  We will have all these in position before Monday morning’s opening Keynote.

  1. Please do not just ‘sit’ on one the Wifi seats.  If you do not need a Wireless connection please don’t establish one.  An idle connection – while not affecting speeds – will prevent others from get a ‘seat’ on that access point if that specific access reaches capacity.
  2. When your session ends or you finish working online, please use your laptop or device’s wireless software to disconnect.  Connections will automatically end after a certain amount of time and idle connections will drop to reclaim seats on the network; however, by manually disconnecting after a session or after checking your mail, you free up the seat immediately for the next person.

Our Wifi access points will be located in these areas and their names reflect their position in the Hyatt.

Ballroom Level

  • Regency A Front
  • Regency A Rear
  • Regency D
  • Regency F Front
  • Regency F Back
  • Potomac
  • Washington
  • Conference Theater (OverFlow room for  Washington)

Third Floor

  • Presidents Quarters (Track D)
  • Arlington – Internet@Schools

Foyer Atrium

  • Regency Foyer (this will be oin 24 hours a day and many devices can connect to it from the lobby seating area.