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Wireless Instructions for Computers in Libraries 2012

Information Today, Inc. has arranged wireless Internet access for all attendees throughout the session rooms for all three days of the conference.

#CILDC Wireless Network Map

#CILDC Wireless Network Map

Accessing the Wireless Network at Computers in Libraries 2012

The Hilton where the conference is being held is in the process of expanding wireless access to their entire event space.  This project will not be completed before CIL 2012 so we have made special arrangements to cover the areas the Hilton has not yet provisioned.

Area #1 encompasses the entire International Ballroom area.  This is where the morning keynote addresses will take place as well as several tracks throughout the conference.  This is also the area where the Hilton’s wireless networking is not yet in place.

Area #2 includes the central Concourse Foyer near registration and the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Monroe session rooms down the Crystal Corridor.

Connecting in Area #1

Attendees in the International Ballrooms should connect to one of the ITI access points spread throughout the area.  These access points will all be named for flowers (such as Rose, Lily, Daisy…etc.).

  1. Connect to the access point with the strongest signal based on your location.  If you have any problems connecting, please just try another access point.  No matter where you are in Area #1 you should be within range of at least three or four “flowers”.  These are encrypted connections so you will need to use the access key infotoday to get connected.
  2. Once connected, open a web browser and at the Hilton login page enter infotoday as the username and the password.

Connecting in Area #2

This area is is covered by the hotel’s in-house wireless network.

  1. Connect to the hhonors network. This is an open access network so no login will be required to establish the connection.
  2. Once connected, open a web browser and at the Hilton login page enter infotoday as username and the password.