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Video blog, blogs & Ustream channel @ #IL2009

Thank you so much Elise Brown for your wonderful contributions to covering the Internet Librarian 2009 conference through your vlog!  Don Hawkins did an earlier in depth story about Elise.  I was just checking out your coverage of Monday — terrific!  And did you see all the posts from bloggers here at the conference?  One of the most popular ways the conference is being covered is via Ustream channel by Erik Beokesteijn and Jaap van der Geer. Last night’s Rockin’ Battledecks was watched live by many who were not at the conference and they had lots of comments.  I’m sure even more people will watch the archived version.   And of course, the Twitter feed you find by searching #IL2009, is amazing.  Thanks so much to all for your coverage of the conference!  Great buzz.